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  • Qudrat

    Qudrat revolves around the sensitive topic of belief and superstition. it shows how our belief overcomes superstition, which would otherwise ruin our faith. there is no chance, destiny or fate that can avoid, hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul. the serial is based on a true story of an astrologer, known for his intuitions and firm belief. he prides himself on his accurate predictions, but when he foresees a life altering event in his own son’s life, he fanatically prays to allah that his prediction proves out to be wrong. but his son decides to take the matter in his own hand by manipulating an innocent young woman for personal gain.

    Director: Barkat Sidiki
    Cast: Ahson Khan, Sajjal Ali, Moomal Sheikh, Talat Hussain, Nadeem Baig, Hina Bayat, Natasha Ali, Kunwar Arsalan, Nayyar Aijaz, Fariha Jabeen, Ayesha Khan
    39:19 qudrat last episode
    Qudrat 4 month(s) ago 642 Views
    38:51 qudrat episode 26
    Qudrat 4 month(s) ago 541 Views
    39:09 qudrat episode 25
    Qudrat 5 month(s) ago 516 Views
    38:35 qudrat episode 24
    Qudrat 5 month(s) ago 303 Views
    40:25 qudrat episode 23
    Qudrat 5 month(s) ago 600 Views
    39:42 qudrat episode 22
    Qudrat 5 month(s) ago 646 Views
    39:44 qudrat episode 21
    Qudrat 6 month(s) ago 644 Views
    40:17 qudrat episode 20
    Qudrat 6 month(s) ago 379 Views
    40:50 qudrat episode 19
    Qudrat 6 month(s) ago 477 Views
    38:40 qudrat episode 18
    Qudrat 20-03-2014 579 Views
    39:39 qudrat episode 17
    Qudrat 19-03-2014 314 Views
    40:34 qudrat episode 16
    Qudrat 13-03-2014 593 Views
    38:01 qudrat episode 15
    Qudrat 12-03-2014 493 Views
    39:47 qudrat episode 14
    Qudrat 06-03-2014 496 Views
    40:40 qudrat episode 13
    Qudrat 05-03-2014 480 Views
    39:59 qudrat episode 12
    Qudrat 27-02-2014 654 Views
    40:42 qudrat episode 11
    Qudrat 26-02-2014 303 Views
    38:51 qudrat episode 10
    Qudrat 20-02-2014 592 Views
    38:56 qudrat episode 9
    Qudrat 19-02-2014 376 Views
    39:13 qudrat episode 8
    Qudrat 13-02-2014 563 Views
    30:35 qudrat episode 7
    Qudrat 12-02-2014 445 Views
    40:40 qudrat episode 6
    Qudrat 06-02-2014 670 Views
    38:18 qudrat episode 5
    Qudrat 05-02-2014 588 Views
    40:47 qudrat episode 4
    Qudrat 30-01-2014 740 Views
    36:23 qudrat episode 2
    Qudrat 30-01-2014 480 Views
    10:48 qudrat episode 1
    Qudrat 30-01-2014 439 Views
    35:53 qudrat episode 3
    Qudrat 29-01-2014 594 Views

    Review: QudratFri, 19 Sep 2014

    An innocent girl named Zehra (Sajal Ali) was born with a curse of an evil badluck....she believed she was unlucky an fought with herself...lack of faith lack of prayers ..believing is making things happens...inspired from the book secret, based on true story of a unlucky girl Zehra ( Sajal Ali ) , a true story of another fashion model , played by Aisha Khan, a weak girl named Zulaikha, true story of strong girl named Yasmin. And a true story of a black magician who still lives among never ends till we end it.


    Qudrat is a story of those who went to people for help ...believed them and then made decisions ...of their life ...nodoubt blessed people exists ..but the most important part is our believe ...our faith ...zehra story is the one she believed in momin married her because in his horoscope his first wife will die after few months ...momin left his real love sukaiana to sacrifice ...zehra life see what happens with zehra 

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