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fariha episode 51 part 1

By: Fariha 1,239views
Feriha is the daughter of a janitor*. They live in Etiler, a rich neighborhood. Her mother is proud of her smart daughter and wants her to achieve more in life than she could. Feriha gets a scholarship from a private university and there the other students assume that she comes from a rich family like most students who study there. Feriha is ashamed of her background and doesn`t correct them and tries to hide her background and so the lies begin. Emir is a very rich heir and playboy. He gets interested in Feriha and soon both fall in love with each other. Feriha wants to, but can`t get out of the web of lies she spinned. Will Emir still be by her side after learning about her lies? What will her strict family do, when they learn about her “other”life at the university? (*The janitor is looked down upon in Turkey. He doesn`t only do repairs, he also goes grocery shopping for the residents, takes the trash, cleans the building. In return he can live in the apartment downstairs fo